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EdgeBreak Applications

  • Scratches and dents
  • Weld profiles
  • Profiles, turbine blades, small gap and  flush, radii, chamfers

7 reasons to choose the GapGun Pro

1. Small, light and ruggedly designed. The GapGun can take multiple measurements of most surface shapes up to ten times faster than other gages.
2. No surface damage. Laser triangulation technology means the GAPGUN never touches the measurement area.
3. The measurement head may be removed from the GapGun’s body and attached to a robot or coordinate measuring machine.
4. The GapGun does not need to be connected to a PC by a cable. It may be connect to the PC by 802.11 Wi-Fi.
5. Photographs may be uploaded to the GapGun’s large color touch screen to give operators pictorial and written directions.
6. The GapGun’s statistical process control system software makes planning, collection and analysis of data easy.
7. The GapGun allows dramatic improvement in measurement repeatability and reproducibility as it conforms to QS9000-MSA.

Super High Resolution GAPGUN HEAD

Application: Aerospace high accuracy gap and flush, large fasteners.
Field of view: 15m/0.06"
Max gap & flush: 10mm / 0.4"
Resolution: 25u / 0.001"
WLAN or LAN data connection
Color Touchscreen Display
Removable Stand-offs
Two Rechargeable Batteries
300 degree head rotation

Automotive Customers who use the GapGun:

Land Rover
Smart Car

 Ultra high resolution GapGun measurement head positioned on part
The GapGun delivers the highest performance while offering ease of use and great productivity. Simply pick your measurement feature from the portable touch screen high resolution LCD, aim, collect measurement  and receive immediate feedback.

Technical Specifications:

GapGun Edge Break Plus saves time by utilizing Third Dimension’s industry leading optical sensor technology and uniquely engineered software to inspect the edges of turbine components at incredible levels of precision.  This portable laser gage system provides a full audit trail throughout the manufacturing process as proof of quality. The sensor technology incorporates a unique ultra-high precision head that focuses on small areas in extremely high detail achieving repeatability of less than 10 microns.

Aerospace Customers who use the GapGun:

BAE Systems
Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Spirit Aerospace

GapGun EdgeBreak - Measure break edges, chamfer, profiles, small gap, flush and radii


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