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Easy Handling - Many Possibilities

Bending Studio utilizes simple and clearly structured handling concept. Many built inn Bending Studio tools ease the daily work in all areas of bended part manufacturing.  Within the new TubeInspect software, it is possible to construct bend data from center line data.  It is also possible to simulate  the effects of a modified tube before applying corrections. This and other software functions are completed in very simple and quick methods.

AICON’s Bending Studio bridges data and processes around production of bended parts from production and process planning to manufacturing and quality control.

This powerful software is the best tool for combining these requirements with emphasis on metrological processes. Designed for TubeInspect, BendingStudio offers efficient and customer-oriented solutions for all applications around manufacturing of bended parts.

Bending Studio Connects

  • Cad Data
  • Production Control Systems
  • Bending Machines
  • Measuring Systems
  • Statistical Process Control

Bending Studio optimizes data handling

Scenarios arise in which a radius cannot be produced and will be changed in preparation for production through a different radius that is more readily available.   Sometimes anaylsis requires free formed shape be approximated by straights and curves. In these situations, new, parallel data sets with deviations from the original data are created.

A part can have different measurement plans assigned requiring the drawing as well as certain mounting conditions be displayed from the same measurement. Subsequently even enhanced analyses can be performed using stored measurement data.
Regardless of whether the connection to different measurement systems is planned, the integration of new manufacturing technologies or the addition of new applications around bending like end forming and assembly management are future projects – BendingStudio by AICON 3D Systems offers a platform for the optimized integration of all data and processes for bended parts.


Bending Studio is the smart solution for measuring tubes that are too large for TubeInspect.

ProCam Wireless - Easier Vehicle Safety Testing pre/post measurement

Bending Studio - the best software for bent parts and processes manufacturing


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