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TubeInspect P16 - The Powerful yet Simple method to measure tubes

Aicon TubeInspect P16 efficiently facilitates:

  • Set up of an automatic tube bending machine.
  • Monitoring of a tube bending machine’s production.
  • Reverse engineering of an existing tube for low volume tube production or spare parts.
  • Sorting of tube production.

Aicon TubeInspect P16, an automated 3D tube measurement system:

  • Consists of sixteen overhead latest GigE high resolution cameras that provide a fast, automated 3D measurement of tubing, brake lines, hydraulic lines, exhaust pipes and molded tubes.
  • Accompanying Bending Studio software provides a COMPLETE analysis of tube shape and tube profile, not just at the bend points.
  • New stable and durable glass material cell ensures high precision  photogrammetric reference frame.
  • Provides optional direct feedback to CNC tube bending machines, allowing for quick corrections of out of specification tubes and faster set-up of new tube designs.
  • Requires no special fixtures or holding devices. Place the tube in TubeInspect as tube measurements and analysis are completed within seconds.
  • Suspends tubes along their entire length, reducing the problem created by systems that only support tubes in a few locations.
  • Compares tubes directly to CAD models or to a master tube. A go / no go output indicator shows all areas in or out of tolerance.
  • New TubeInspect P16 includes lateral doors on each end allow longer tubes to be supported on workbench surface.

TubeInspect P16 measures

  • Tubes ranging from highly flexible thin brake lines to large exhaust pipes for heavy trucks. Regardless of texture or color TubeInspect easily measures tubes designed to carry hydraulic and cooling liquids or fuel.
  • Tubes of varying bend radii.
  • The location of fixtures, supports and attachments with the aid adapters.
  • Anything with a cylindrical profile such as bent wires, molded tubes or subassemblies of tubes and flexible parts.
  • The optional TubeServer software module allows the creation, editing and maintenance of the tube bending programs of many tube bending machine manufacturers.

TubeInspect applications include:

  • High volume production.
  • On-line corrections to bending machines.
  • Elimination of various test equipment reducing change-over time.
  • Fast efficient prototype production.
  • High  level of quality assurance tube manufacturing.
  • Reverse engineering of sample tubes.

TubeInspect can:

  • Measure tubes from 3mm to 200mm diameter.
  • Measure tubes of any length by sliding the tube through the measurement chamber.
  • Measure bends from 1º to 180 º .
  • Automatic conversion of bending point from x,y,z coordinates to push, rotate, and bend.
  • Control up to 10 CNC bending machines automatically.

Technical Specifications:

The extremely efficient TubeInspect is capable of replacing the following traditional tube inspection methods:

  • Fixtures.
  • Articulating measurement arm with infrared probe.

TubeInspect P16 - The Powerful yet Simple method to measure tubes


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