Dimensional Measurement Systems

Dimensional Measurement Systems

Fully Automated Guided Assembly & Verification


LYNX Automatically Searches for Assembly Errors


The LYNX systems uses high resolution color cameras to check for hundreds of features in minutes


Complex assemblies can be rapidly checked to ensure that all items are in the correct orientation, at the correct location.  If a part is missing, damaged or out of position, LYNX will alert you.  It will even determine if the color is not correct!

LYNX Inspection Featured in Aerospace & Defense 2018 Yearbook - Click here to read

Assembly Verification

LYNX cameras can point in any direction, and will zoom in to check small details.


Intelligent software will identify the features you want to track.  It can count items such as holes and will alert you if something has been damaged or removed during fabrication

Small Features in Large Assemblies are Easily Checked

Eliminate Little Errors that can Create Big Problems

A bracket installed in the correct location but with the wrong orientation can create big problems downstream.  Mistakes like this are hard to catch, but LYNX will find them.

Complex Assemblies are Easily Verified to Produce a Permanent Record

Assemblies with hundreds of features can be checked to create a report of what has been installed.

Color Images from LYNX are more Useful than Laser Scan Data

LYNX inspection reports have crisp color images that show you exactly what you have built compared to what should be there, making it much easier to understand compared to other systems that generate laser scans with lower resolution black & white images.

Eliminate Costly Repairs to Assembly that have moved or shipped

LYNX is installed at your point of assembly or verification.  Mistakes are caught immediately and can be corrected before the parts leaves.

Automated error detection highlights where things went wrong

Green Checks in report verify completion to move to next station

"By locating defects quickly we are realizing true cost savings by reducing rework cost"

Michael Tuohy, Spirit Aero Systems


This tool it helps us tremendously because it helps us find mistakes the naked eye would normally not find and it gives us a better part to give off to the customer as well."

Eric Johnson, Spirit Aero Systems