Dimensional Measurement Systems


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EdgeBreak Applications

Scratches and dents
Weld profiles
Profiles, turbine blades, small gap and  flush, radii, chamfers
GapGun Edge Break Plus saves time by utilizing Third Dimension’s industry leading optical sensor technology and uniquely engineered software to inspect the edges of turbine components at incredible levels of precision.  This portable laser gage system provides a full audit trail throughout the manufacturing process as proof of quality. The sensor technology incorporates a unique ultra-high precision head that focuses on small areas in extremely high detail achieving repeatability of less than 10 microns.

GapGun EdgeBreak - Measure break edges, chamfer, profiles, small gap, flush and radii

Speed and Accuracy

Using optical measurement techniques and laser triangulation, GapGun's laser gage can measure an edge feature on bright machined surfaces to accuracies as great as 10u/0.0004" in as little as 2 seconds!


Inspection processes that have previously taken hours or even days can now be completed in a matter of minutes to repeatably high accuracy, finally empowering operators on the shop floor to make decisions based on reliable dimensional data.