Dimensional Measurement Systems

Dimensional Measurement Systems

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GapGun Pro2 with T60


Accurex introduces the next generation measuring system, the GapGun Pro2 T60.  The T60 offers a larger Field of View but also twice the accuracy, and 3x better reproducibility.


20x Faster than manual measurement Techniques

  • Over twice the accuracy


  • 3 1/2 times better resolution


  • Increased laser line length


  • The Violet laser measures transparent, shiny and painted surfaces, reflectors, and composites


  • Increased laser intensity measures deeper in gaps


  • Greater depth of field allows excellent measurement with or without standoffs


  • Detachable Head with Trigger


  • Fully compatible with existing GapGun software and programs

New Pro2 T60 Features

Adding to the Features on recent GapGun Systems

  • Fast and easy measurements


  • Wi-fi and docking station connection


  • Use with or without standoffs


  • Large PDA for operator instruction and display


  • Runs independent of computer or uploads in real time


  • Industrial strength. Made for the shop floor


  • Internal battery plus clip on batteries for 8 hours of operation


  • Rotating head allows operator to see the PDA screen at any angle