Dimensional Measurement Systems

Dimensional Measurement Systems

Quality Assurance for the Factory Floor

Accurex Measurement provides high precision 3D Dimensional Measurement and Testing systems. Special applications include Measurement of Bent Tubes, Gap & Flush, and Chamfers & BreakEdge. Automated Accurex LYNX Vision systems are used to check the correct installation of brackets and fasteners, hole locations or other features in large scale assembly.


TUBEINSPECT is the benchmark in high precision 3D tube and wire measurement.  TUBEINSPECT can replace your current gauges to provide a more efficient quality assurance method to measure tubes and wires.   TUBEINSPECT will measure your part in seconds and provide automatic feedback to your bending machines.  Click here for more info on TUBEINSPECT.

GapGun Pro provides hand held laser profile measurement that is 20x faster than manual measurement methods.  Wi-Fi connection is now included in the GapGun handle allowing the user to seamlessly upload GapGun measurement results.   The ultra high resolution touch screen improvements make it easier to navigate and clearly view measurement results.  New Violet laser sensors make it possible to measure translucent and mirror surfaces.  Click here for more information on the latest GapGun model.

LYNX will automate the inspection process of large scale assemblies to quickly check for presence, proper orientation, count and color.    Using advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms this vision system is capable of detecting if the proper number of parts have been installed in the correct position and orientation.  Lynx AR features assembly assistance, projecting information directly on the part reducing the risk of assembly mistakes.   Click here for more info.

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