Dimensional Measurement Systems

Dimensional Measurement Systems

Measurement Hardware Systems

TUBEINSPECT is intended for production environments with multiple CNC tube and wire benders. 

For prototype shops, quality labs or production environments with just a few CNC benders, Accurex offers the Absolute Arm laser scanner for tube and wire measurement.  This versatile solution provides portability and measurement flexibility, often serving as a backup to TUBEINSPECT for mission-critical operations.

Both P16.2 and P8.2 are available with the optional HRC solution.  HRC provides 400% higher resolution than standard models to enable functions like measuring smaller diameter tubing, easily measuring assemblies with end fittings and brackets, and full automation capability.


HRC = High Resolution Cameras

  • 16 cameras
  • Measurement area 8.5ft x 4.1ft (2.6m x 1.25m)
  • Measuring tubes up to 23ft (7m) long
  • 8 cameras
  • Measurement Area 3.3ft x 1.9ft (1m x 580mm) 
  • Measure wires and tubes up to 3.9ft (1.5m)


Absolute Arm w/ RS6 Scanner