Dimensional Measurement Systems

Dimensional Measurement Systems

The Best just got Better

Introducing TUBEINSPECT P series 2nd Generation

New Capabilities

Inspect Assemblies


Smaller Diameter

New Features

In addition to optimizing bending operations, BendingStudio can now perform an extensive inspection of tube and wire assemblies. BendingStudio 7.0 with TUBEINSPECT HRC or Absolute Arm with RS6 scanner can measure position and orientation of end fittings, brackets, and other items directly from images without physical adapters.
Now open for full automation, TUBEINSPECT can serve as the control center for automated tube and wire production cells. The TUBEINSPECT measures parts
  •  Right off the bender
  •  After trimming
  •  After end forming or end fitting attachment
  •  Final assembly inspection
The capability exists now to measure tubes and wires as small as 0.8mm diameter for P8.2 HRC and 1.5mm diameter for P16.2.

Higher Resolution

Programmable Sidelight

Easy Button

New HRC (High-Resolution Camera) option provides a 6x higher resolution than the previous TUBEINSPECT.
TUBEINSPECT measurement is about flexibility - achieving proper conditions for the best measurement.  With P8.2 and P16.2, the sidelight can be software controlled to be on or off during measurement as needed to further improve consistency and ease of operation.
Now measurement is as easy as pushing a button with the new built-in hotkey button to advance through measurement without touching the keyboard or mouse.