Dimensional Measurement Systems

Dimensional Measurement Systems

Revolutionize Your Bending Operation

Supercharge your tube and wire bending operation with optical measurement technologies.
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Measure bent tubes in seconds and boost manufacturing productivty

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Why do the leading tube manufacturers in aviation, automotive, heavy equipment, space, HVAC and other industries make the investment?

The industry-leading BendingStudio software platform is the engine for bending process optimization and quality assurance.

See the recent advancements of the BendingStudio and TUBEINSPECT technologies and the new capabilities they create.
Your specific tube and wire measurement requirements made possible by multiple hardware offerings.

TUBEINSPECT allows production operators to quickly verify part dimension and automatically correct bender parameters


TUBEINSPECT  has been designed for the fast, automated inspection of bent tubing, brake lines, hydraulic lines, exhaust pipes and molded tubes.  Using this system, no fixtures or holding devices are required and data is provided in seconds. Tubes can be compared directly to CAD models or to a master tube with direct feedback to tube bending machines.


TUBEINSPECT provides online correction to bending machines

TUBEINSPECT may be directly linked to the Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) bending machines.  If tube measurement indicate that adjustments need to be made to the tube manufacturing process, corrections are directly transmitted to the bending machine via the CNC program.

TUBEINSPECT is suitable for all types of tubes

TUBEINSPECT is suitable for all types of industrial tube manufacturing, from highly flexible thin brake lines to large exhaust pipes for heavy trucks.  TUBEINSPECT's unique measuring principle allows the measurement of any tube geometry, and is not affected by surface texture or color.