Dimensional Measurement Systems

Aicon TubeInspect P16 efficiently facilitates:

Set up of an automatic tube bending machine.
Monitoring of a tube bending machine’s production.
Reverse engineering of an existing tube.

Aicon TubeInspect P16, an automated 3D tube measurement system:

  • Consists of sixteen overhead cameras that provide a fast, automated 3D measurement of tubing, brake lines, hydraulic lines, exhaust pipes and molded tubes.
  • Accompanying Bending Studio software provides a COMPLETE analysis of tube shape and tube profile, not just at the bend points.
  • Direct feedback to CNC tube bending machines, provides quick corrections of out of specification tubes and faster set-up of new tube designs.
  • Requires no special fixtures or holding devices. Place the tube in TubeInspect as tube measurements and analysis are completed within seconds.
  •  A go / no go output indicator shows all areas in or out of tolerance.

Technical Specifications


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TubeInspect P16 - The Powerful yet Simple method to measure tubes