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What kinds of tubes can be measured optically with TubeInspect?

  • Optical tube measurement is a fast and efficient solution for measuring tubes ranging from highly flexible thin brake lines to large exhaust pipes for heavy trucks. Regardless of texture or color TubeInspect  easily measures tubes of various shapes and sizes including tubes with varying bend radii.
  • The location of fixtures, supports and attachments can be measured with the aid of measuring  adapters.
  • Anything with a cylindrical profile such as bent wires, molded tubes or combination of tubes and hoses.
  • The optional Tube Server software module allows the creation, editing and maintenance of the tube bending programs of many tube bending machine manufacturers.

TubeInspect measures automotive parts at Daimler Chrysler

Brake and fuel lines for the E and S Class from Daimler Chrysler are manufactured in the tube production plant in Sindelfingen, Germany. The lines, made from aluminum or steel, have diameters ranging from roughly 4 mm to 15 mm. Supplied in fixed sizes, ready-cut tubes are first provided with fittings on an automatic tube end processing machine, swaged if necessary, and then formed on bending machines. Despite their different makes and years of manufacture, the tube bending machines all have one thing in common: their quality check takes place on the AICON tube measuring machine TubeInspect. 

TubeInspect HD inspects small parts at Robert Bosch Company

EMW Tube relies on TubeInspect S for prototyping

In its plant in Hildesheim, Germany, the Company Robert Bosch produces vehicle equipment components, especially starters and electric steering drives.  Since January 2008, Robert Bosch has applied AICON's new TubeInspect HD for the inspection of formed cooper pins that are part of the starter motors.  After extensive research, Robert Bosch concluded that only TubeInspect HD is able to measure the filigreed geometries of these parts.

A specialist in the area of tube manufacturing-EMW has successfully developed from a classical metalwork shop to a modern, creative tube manufacturing workshop. Since summer 2006, EMW has applied AICON's optical tube measuring system TubeInspect S for measuring sample tubes and setting up the bending machines. Since then, EMW has not only considerably saved time in Reverse Engineering but also significantly decreased the costs of materials. In addition, Karl Eberl, owner of EMW emphasizes that the measuring results of TubeInspect are completely independent from the user so that they are reliable and repeatable. Click here for full story...

TubeInspect uses in Aerospace

Quality demands on tube manufacturing in the aerospace industry are considerably more stringent than in other industrial sectors. In order to determine the suitability of the optical tube measuring system TubeInspect for this sector, PFW Aerospace AG carried out an extensive measurement system analysis.
During the tests PFW Project Engineer Martin Seibt did not only identify the high repeatability of the system. Even the reproducibility was five times higher than one of the competing measuring systems. The test results have led to Airbus, a major customer of PFW, certifying the suitability of the TubeInspect measuring system for tube bends of over 7° and PFW has been given the official approval to deploy TubeInspect in production.  Click here for full story...

TubeInspect replaces articulated arm

The Swiss tube manufacturer Serto has replaced his articulated arm by AICON's tube measuring system TubeInspect. With TubeInspect, the team around production manager Florian Windler could not only decrease manufacturing costs significantly. Also the time to acquire data of new tubes is many times shorter now. Serto is located in the idyllic community Aadorf in Switzerland. On a greenfield site, the former family owned business has turned into a very modern production plant that delivers tubes and pipe connections to customers worldwide. Being asked to which industries Serto's customers belonged, production manager Florian Windler answers: "We mainly bend tubes for companies from the domestic appliance and rail vehicle industries. However the number of customers from other business fields such as water treatment or the semiconductor industry is rising." Click here for full story...

 Complex bent tube 3D CAD Tubeinspect Software

 TubeInspect being used at Serto to replace articulated arm

Kokinetics deploys tube measuring system for measuring bent wire parts

Can wire be measured using a tube measuring system? This was the question hanging in the air in 2007 when Kokinetics GmbH was considering the procurement of an optical tube measuring system as an alternative to their conventional gaging checks.  The question was quickly answered with a clear “Yes”.  Kokinetics purchased a TubeInspect S optical Measuring System and since spring 2008 the system has proven successfully in the routine testing of bent wires, making Kokinetics a pioneer in wire bending industry. Click here for full story...

Fast contour check of plastic pipes

TI Automotive is, as the name suggests, a global supplier in the automotive sector. As a leading manufacturer of fuel storage and fluid carrying systems for braking and powertrain applications, the company cultivates worldwide relationships with all important automakers. Today, approximately 30 million cars built every year rely on TI’s technology.


Usually, plastic pipes are a true challenge for measuring machines because the material is flexible, causing that straight lines fade to curved parts fluently. In order to get precise measurement values for a comparison of nominal to actual data, the measuring system has to respect the elasticity of the plastic pipes. In TubeInspect’s software, the user can now choose an elasticity value specific to the material. This value reflects the flexibility of the pipe. Thus, TubeInspect’s measuring results are highly accurate. Click here for full story...

 TubeInspect software quality bend analysis

 TI Automotive employee uses TubeInspect S to measure small plastic pipes

 TubeInspect Software comparison to nominal screenshot

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