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Aicon TubeInspect P8, an automated 3D tube measurement system:

  • Automated 3D measurement of tubing, hydraulic lines, wire forms and molded tubes.
  • Includes Aicon Bending Studio software  providing a COMPLETE analysis of tube shape and tube profile, not just at the bend points.
  • Integrates direct feedback to CNC tube bending machines, allowing for quick corrections for out of spec tubes and faster set-up of new tube designs.
  • Requires no special fixtures or holding devices. Tube measurements and analysis are completed within seconds after placing part into TubeInspect P8 cell.
  •  A go/no-go output indicator shows all areas in or out of tolerance.

Technical Specifications:

 Machine operator measures bends using TubeInspect P8
  • Easily measure Tube diameters of 1mm - 125mm fast and accurately.
  • Foldout side doors enable additional positioning for  tubes longer than the measurement cell.
  • The TubeInspect P8 can measure sheath tolerance accuracy up to 0.035mm within 2 - 5 seconds.


TubeInspect P8 awarded Gold Medal at Control Tech

TubeInspect P8 featured in TPJ

TubeInspect P8 - The new precise 3D tube and wire benchmark


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The P8 performance exceeds

the most demanding measurement requirements: 

  • Utilizes newest generation 8 Gigabit Ethernet high resolution Cameras.
  • Industrial strength, long lasting LEDs evenly illuminate measuring  cell.
  • Long-life durable and stable, high precision photogrammetric glass table.
  • Lateral doors permit measurement of longer parts.
  • The TubeInspect P8's system is able to fit through standard doors.