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TubeInspect may be directly linked to Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) bending machines.  If tube measurement indicate that adjustments need to be made to the tube manufacturing process, corrections are directly transmitted to the bending machine via the CNC program.

TubeInspect is suitable for all types of industrial tube manufacturing, from highly flexible thin brake lines to large exhaust pipes for heavy trucks.  TubeInspect's unique measuring principle allows the measurement of any tube geometry, and is not affected by surface texture or color.

Would you like to manufacture prototypes under production conditions? TubeInspect as an optical gauge for bending machine setup and quality assurance, is particularly  suitable for the manufacturing of prototypes or low volume production runs.

When production changes to new models or model variants, lengthy set-up procedures are no longer necessary.  TubeInspect is ready for use immediately after nominal data has been entered into the system.  TubeInspect may also be used with robotic systems.

TubeInspect measures bent tubes in seconds and makes production setup more efficient

Bending Studio provides instant visualization of tube quality.  Data can be exported to SPC packages for trend analysis.

TubeInspect provides information about the entire tube contour - not just the bend points.  TubeInspect is an optical gage which simulates the operation of a physical gage in determining fit.

TubeInspect is so easy to use that more of your operators will use the system.  Once a measurement program has been setup, just select the tube from a list and hit the MEASURE button.  Results are available in seconds.  TubeInspect makes measurement easy and this makes it possible to make corrections to your process before they become problems.

TubeInspect eliminates the need for numerous bending gauges and drastically reduces change-over time.  TubeInspect has been designed for the fast, automated inspection of tubing, brake lines, hydraulic lines, exhaust pipes and molded tubes.  Using this system, no fixtures or holding devices are required and data is provided in seconds. Tubes can be compared directly to CAD models or to a master tube with direct feedback for up to 10 tube bending machines. TubeInspect is the most powerful,  fastest and easiest way to measure bent tubing.

Tubeinspect is suitable for all types of tubes
Tubeinspect allows for efficient prototype production

TubeInspect allows more people to take measurements

Tubeinspect provides online corrections to bending machines

TubeInspect allows for efficient prototype production


TubeInspect - Easy 3D tube measurement to boost manufacturing productivity