Dimensional Measurement Systems

Dimensional Measurement Systems

Why GapGun?

Many users of other digital gap measurement systems have decided to switch to GapGun

Why are they switching?

Measure any material

The Markets Best Touch Screen

Switch between Wi-Fi or Docking Station

With or without Standoffs

Use Detachable Head with Trigger

Rotating Head for Better View

Head to Body Extension Cable allows the operator to reach high, low, or limited access area.

Watch the superior performance over red or blue lasers with the GapGun Violet.
Violet laser line allows measurement of all materials.  It measures transparent, composite and shiny surfaces as well as reflectors.
The PDA screen will walk the operator through the program while showing results.
For facilities that do not allow Wi-Fi or the computer is far away, the GapGun is able to download the results through the Docking Station.  Otherwise, the GapGun can forward the results immediately to the computer.
If you want to use standoffs for faster positioning, not a problem.  If you do not want to touch the part, just use the system with no standoffs.
Rotating Head allows the operator to see the screen without interfering with measurement process.