Dimensional Measurement Systems
Tubeinspect offers better GR&R (Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility), faster cycle times and is much easier to run than conventional measurement systems.  Because they identify problems more quickly, efficiency is improved throught your production, Tubeinspect is easer and faster for operators.
Tubeinspect provides faster feedback after the first part is made on a bender.  Comparing the time required to setup and run a part on an articulating arm, the Tubeinspect will save between 25% to 75%.
There are many setup costs that go beyond the operator's cost per hour.  Typically there is more than one person working on a setup and machine downtime affects the productivity of the entire plant.  Automating the feedback to the bender allows for faster setup times and fewer errors in setup.
  • Total automation can be accomplished with the addition of a robot holding the tube in measurement range of the TubeInspect systems.  The robot does not even need to releases the tube while it is being measured.
  • TubeInspect repeatability is usually several times higher than conventional systems.
  • Loading of the TubeInspect system consists of placing the tube on the TubeInspect light table.  There is no influence from the operator choosing where to measure points.
  • Reduced variability in measurement process provides better production control and makes it easier to stay within manufacturing tolerances.
  • TubeInspect provides complete data through the bend area.
  • TubeInspect can measure bend-in-bend tubes which do not have straight sections between bends.
  • TubeInspect can measure free-form tubes, 180-degree bends, and small bends.
  • TubeInspect will provide overall tube length and by using clip-on adapters will provide data on brackets or other features.
  • TubeInspect has no moving parts.
  • Cameras are permanently mounted on rigid steel supports and are enclosed in a robust housing.
  • The light table base is covered by a tough polycarbonate layer.

TubeInspect Speed Reduces Set-up Time

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