Dimensional Measurement Systems

Dimensional Measurement Systems

“I love the technology.  I just wish we were the only company to have one of these machines.”
 - President of aircraft tube bending company

Why does he want to keep the power of TUBEINSPECT secret?


TUBEINSPECT has become the industry-standard solution for leading tube & wire manufacturers.  Here’s why they made the investment:

Faster CNC Bender setups

Produce Better Parts

Cut Costs

Make It Simple

Slash first piece setup times for CNC benders.  Measure the first piece in seconds and send corrections directly back to benders.  Change from one part to the next in minutes to boost productivity for every bender!


Perform the most accurate measurement in seconds with effective bender corrections to produce near-nominal tube and wire components. Good parts coming off the bender reduce risk of rejects and preserve tolerance for downstream assembly.

Using TUBEINSPECT for every part will substantially cut your costs related to checking fixtures. More effective bender set-ups reduce scrap costs immediately.

Tube gauging and bender setups no longer require experts with decades of experience.  Accurex solutions are easy to use with simple workflow so you can focus on production.

Pictured: Tyler Adams, Spinco Metal Products, Newark, NJ



“If it broke tomorrow, I would buy another one immediately.  We depend on it that much.”
- President of tube bending company

“Our Aicon has been the best investment I ever made. It is hard to believe that was 10 or 11 years ago! It has made everyone of our employees sensitive to process variations - a great achievement.”
- Kent Marvin, STAM Inc.
“… a remarkable measurement machine, the likes of which, I have never seen before. As you embark on your new project, I believe this machine would be invaluable …  I have never introduced a salesman to any colleagues before. I take this step because the potential value of this machine could allow you to leap over your competition in one jump.”
- TUBEINSPECT quality engineer user

“Operators are able to set up and validate their first articles much faster, but the unexpected benefit came in the inspection area. We check a lot of tubes in the inspection area, and our inspectors find it much easier to use the new system, even though they have their own equipment in the inspection area. If they want to check a part quickly, they go to the TUBEINSPECT on the production floor because it is much faster.”
- Bob Burns, Aero Bending Inc.

“As soon as we installed the TUBEINSPECT, we saw everything move faster and better in the tube area. It gives everyone fast, accurate results and is incredibly reliable.”
- Shaun Knuth, Globe Engineering Inc


 "We had a 6 month ISO surveillance audit yesterday and our auditor was blown away by the TubeInspect and how we have integrated it into our process stream.  It is working unbelievably well for us now.  So smooth and fast, we are inspecting 10 percent of our entire production stream.  I am going to plan on a second Aicon within a year or so, depending on the economy.

-Owner, Tube Bending Company


"We are inspecting multiple samples of nearly every part number we produce each day with our TubeInspect,  it has given us a tremendous quality boost!  My bender operators have tired of me telling them as they try to "sell" me on the acceptability of a marginally correct part, "don't try to convince me, go  put it in the TubeInspect, if it agrees then fine!"

-Owner, Tube Bending Company

Maximize Bender Uptime

Better Parts save money downstream

No more waste

Faster, easier user independent measurement